Establish An Account

Kitco is pleased to offer charge privileges to attorneys and accountants. If you would like to establish an account, please complete the application and submit it by facsimile or mail. (By fax to 843.667.1073; By mail to Kitco, Inc., PO Drawer 151, Florence, SC 29503). PLEASE DO NOT RETURN THIS FORM VIA E-MAIL.
 Kitco Account Application

Upon approval, an account will be established and Kitco products and kits can be ordered without any payment at the time the order is placed.

Our billing policy is as follows:

  1. Any licensed attorney or accountant may establish a charge account with Kitco by completing and returning the application form.  Firms which have more than one attorney or accountant may choose to establish accounts in the firm's name or in the names of individual practitioners.
  2. Orders may be placed via telephone, e-mail, fax or mail and charged without payment at the time the order is placed.
  3. Statements are forwarded to all account holders at the end of each month.  The invoice will contain a complete list of any kits or products ordered during the month.
  4. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  5. All charge sales not paid by the 15th day of the month following purchases are subject to a 2% finance charge per month or 18% A.P.R.. The minimum finance charge is $.50.


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