Limited Liability Company

The Incorporator for limited liability companies includes the following:
  • Handsome, durable three ring binder encased in matching slipcover
  • Gold label on spine of binder imprinted with company name
  • Five mylar reinforced tab indexes for Articles of Organization, Minutes, Operating Agreement, Forms and Member Certificates/Transfer Ledger
  • Printed minutes and forms which require minimum completion with insertion of name of company, members, officers, etc.
  • All minutes and forms are tailored to specific state law with appropriate code sections.
  • Book of twenty member certificates imprinted with company name. Each certificate is separated from the next by a transfer sheet.
  • Ledger which details names of members, percentage of ownership and dates of issuance and transfers of membership
  • Pocket corporate seal (steel with onyx and chrome finish) in black vinyl seal case which fits into binder. Seal is imprinted with company name and year of organization.
  • Instructions for Secretary and Practitioner for easy completion of corporate book

Note: The legal requirements for Operating Agreements vary widely. The drafting of these agreements frequently falls within the practice of law. For this reason, Kitco does not include an Operating Agreement in the limited liability company kit.

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